Sage advice from a recent grad…. who just happens to be a gun legal researcher. Sue Yap is one of only a very small handful of people qualified to train judges, court staff and QCs in the intricacies of legal research. She’s also a very recent graduate from UNSW Law. So who better to ask to produce a series of videos for us about the various databases for legal research?

In advance of our discussion about legal research, she shared some thoughts about the importance of visiting the law library early in your studies to get the low down on the resources available to you at your law school, the best ways to access them, and general tips and tricks on where to start, where to go next and then what that all means.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be uploading some materials that Sue has prepared especially for our subscribers which will help you understand how each of the core databases available to you work, how to use them most efficiently and when each of them shines…. For more information check out our Study Skills Solutions, specifically the Research Resources.