Let’s talk about neuroscience for a moment

You have two very different brains. Your Survivor Brain region is tasked with survival and activates your Saboteurs to respond to challenges. This results in the stress hormone cortisol and all the anxiety, negative emotions and unhappiness that your Saboteurs manufacture. You get tunnel-visioned.

Your PQ Brain region is the seat of your Sage, your original true self. When you activate this region, you tap into great powers of empathy, curiosity, creativity, and fearless, clear-headed, laser-focused action. You release endorphins, feel at peace and positive, and perform better. The PQ Brain is responsible for peak performance and feeling “in the flow.”

PQ Reps are powerful and simple 10-second techniques for quieting your Survivor Brain and activating your PQ Brain regions in the middle of handling challenges. This is key in you developing command over your own mind.