Your mental fitness program schedule

You’ve already committed to spending time each week to watch the video training session and meet with your Pod. Next, take a look at the schedule below so you’ll know what to expect and when to expect it while you’re in the program. 

PQ Program Schedule
New training videos available Saturdays, Daily exercises in the App Tuesday to Friday.

For the best chance of success, follow through on your commitment by blocking off time on your calendar now. Research that Positive Intelligence has done shows that participants who schedule time on their calendars in advance have higher success and satisfaction rates in the program than people who don’t.

We suggest you create 2 recurring weekly meetings at the very least:

  1. A one-hour block on the weekend or early Monday to watch the week’s training video
  2. A second block of time to meet with your accountability group, or Pod – during the program LawStudent.Solutions will host these Pod meetings. When the 6 week program is up you can, and we suggest that you do, continue to meet as a Pod to support each other as you continue through your studies.
Detailed schedule showing 6 week program