Study Solutions for Australian Law Students

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Resources currently under development include:

  • practical guides to research that explain how to use all the major databases with practical tools to ensure that you choose the right tool for the job;
  • checklists and guides to help you write like a lawyer (or at least to write so that you'll get the marks you deserve for the research and analysis you've done);
  • checklists and planning tools to ensure that can maintain a rigid policy of absolute flexibility as you move through the semester;
  • tips and tricks for dealing with technology;
  • pragmatic approaches to gathering the skills that law school can't give you, but industry is looking for.
Module 1Getting Started with online research
Resource 1So you need to do some online research?  - Preview 
Resource 2Getting started: Primary v Secondary Sources  - Preview 
Resource 3Introducing the free legal databases  - Preview 
Resource 4Legal Research Workshop (Recording)  - Preview 
Resource 5Reported and unreported judgements  - Preview 
Module 2Focus on Legal Research Databases
Resource 1Online Legal Research using AUSTLII  - Preview 
Resource 2Online Legal Research using  - Preview 
Resource 3What's the difference between Jade & Jade professional? 
Resource 4Working out what's the most relevant / important part of a case using 
Resource 5Online Research using Lexis Advance  - Preview 
Resource 6Online legal research using CCH  - Preview 
Resource 7Online legal research using Westlaw  - Preview 
Resource 8Online Research using Benchbooks 
Resource 9Online Research - looking for secondary materials 
Module 3Thinking like a lawyer
Resource 1Using IRAC - to solve problems & to read cases.  - Preview 
Resource 2University guides to using IRAC 
Resource 3Learning legal Language - common vocabulary 
Module 4Law Lecture Notes
Resource 1Why are you taking notes?  - Preview 
Resource 2What's the best way to format law school notes? 
Resource 3Taking notes to prepare for class 
Resource 4Recording law lectures 
Resource 5Taking Notes in Class  - Preview 
Resource 6Consolidating your notes after class 
Resource 7Organising your notes 
Module 5Referencing and Citation
Resource 1Medium Neutral Citation 
Resource 2Citation Tools - examples of AGLC4 
Resource 3Referencing using AGLC4 - Ten Principles 
Resource 4Download / Search AGLC4  - Preview 
Module 6Legal Writing
Resource 1Writing a legal memo (for an assignment) 
Module 7Watch this space!
There are no units in this module.