Mental Fitness for Law Students

Pracademy has partnered with Positive Intelligence Inc to deliver Shirzad Charmain's positive intelligence coaching program, tailored for the law student experience.

Subscribers to LawStudent.Solutions have the opportunity to participate in an intensive 6 week mental fitness program which will improve their ability to positively address the challenges that law school brings.

For more information about the program click here.

Module 1What is mental fitness?
Resource 1What you'll find in this Solution  - Preview 
Resource 2Mental Fitness is the X-Factor  - Preview 
Resource 3Measuring Mental Fitness (PQ)  - Preview 
Resource 4Your mental fitness program schedule  - Preview 
Module 2Positive Intelligence and Current Research
Resource 1Let's talk about neuroscience for a moment  - Preview 
Resource 2Positive Psychology v Positive Intelligence  - Preview 
Resource 3Cognitive Behavioural Psychology and Positive Intelligence  - Preview 
Resource 4Performance Science  - Preview 
Module 3The Saboteurs
Resource 1What's a Saboteur?  - Preview 
Resource 2Take the Saboteur Assessment  - Preview 
Resource 3Origins  - Preview 
Resource 4A quick overview - introducing each of the Saboteurs  - Preview 
Resource 5The lies that Saboteurs tell  - Preview 
Resource 6Understanding your Saboteur assessment  - Preview 
Module 4The Sage
Resource 1Meet the 5 Sage Powers  - Preview 
Module 5Access the PQ app
Resource 1Download the PQ Mobile App 
Resource 2Explore the App & start reading the book 
Resource 3App Dashboard 
Resource 4PQ Gym 
Resource 5Important note about privacy settings 
Module 6Your Study Pod
Resource 1Weekly pod meetings 
Resource 3Join a Pod Meeting 
Module 7About the Videos
Resource 1Accessing the Videos 
Module 8The book and audiobook
Resource 1Download and read the book 
Resource 2Listen to the AudioBook 
Resource 3Purchase the Book  - Preview