What is LawStudent.Solutions ?

LawStudent.Solutions is a curated collection of coaching solutions for law students - specifically Australian Law Students - but we can see how many of the resources we're building would work for law students all over the world. We're focused on helping you build the skills and resources that you need to work smarter (not harder), to be effective (and efficient) and to find joy in the study of law.

We are in the process of building a range of tools, checklists, explainers and strategies which fall roughly into two streams - Practical & Academic...

Tools, hacks, checklists, processes and approaches that will help you build your mental fitness, your organisation and time management skills, providing effective strategies to get through the workload and to balance life, school, play, family and work... not necessarily in that order.



Focus on the skills that you need to excel in your academic submissions - whether that's making sense of the reading, writing like a lawyer, strategies for exam success or legal problem solving - we'll help you find the ways that sustainably and effectively work for you.

Why do law students need coaching?

Let's start out by making it clear: Law Students are not broken! Law students are, in our experience - and yes, we might be biased! - some of the most amazing, talented, intelligent, hard working and focused individuals out there. If you're one of the few who made the cut, you're pretty awesome! And you get to hang out with, learn with, and start careers with a whole lot of pretty awesome people just like you! Happy dancing!

BUT... and there's usually a but... Law Students do it tough. Research shows consistently high levels of stress and mental health issues among law students. Much is being done to address this - ALSA (the Australian Law Students Society) launched an online mental health initiative in 2020, most law schools have now built in some awareness of mental health issues into various stages of their programs and the PLT (practical legal training courses) all include mental health awareness as part of their programs.

We believe that there are steps that law students (and law schools and the profession) can take to minimise the risk of suffering mental ill health during and after their law degrees. In fact, we believe that there are steps that you can take to maximise your opportunities to get the most out of your studies and the experience of law school and thrive as a whole person. Like we said above - law students are awesome spectacular clever and fun humans. We want to help you be the best version of yourself! LawStudents are the Solution!

Subscribe for a Solution

Subscribers to our Mental Fitness for Law Students program get access to all of our other resources for no additional charge for the duration of the program.

Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Academic of the Year

Developed by an award winning law lecturer - with more than 30 years in the profession

LawStudents Solutions is Cathryn Nolan's passion project. She went to law school over 30 years ago with low expectations - and has loved her life in legal practice and, more recently, as an adjunct lecturer in law and business programs

Over her time in the profession, Cath has supervised many graduates - and shared their frustrations with the transition from law school to the profession. When she had the opportunity to become a law teacher, she saw it as an opportunity to narrow the gap between the profession's expectations of grads, and what it is law school can provide.

It turns out it's not as simple as that. Law schools have a lot to do. They're delivering the Priestly 11, they're supporting students from a range of backgrounds and interests with diverse needs. And they're researching and contributing to the wealth of legal knowledge.

Cathryn has long been keenly aware of the mismatches between what Law Schools are designed to do, what industry thinks law graduates should be able to do when they leave law school, and the ways that law students can flounder and fail to be their best selves at University because neither law school or their industry delivers what they were really expecting. To top it off, the expectations that law school has of law students - in a practical sense - can be significantly unclear, particularly at the beginning to students deploying the same strategies they've always used - with considerable success - in the past, and finding themselves not receiving the results they're used to.

Our first live program

Mental Fitness for Law Students -set to launch July 2021

After the success of our beta launch, we plan to run our flagship coaching program for Australian Law students - Mental Fitness for Law Students - in July 2021, taking advantage of the mid year break for many of you to work on your mental fitness.

Participants in this program will also have access to all of our other programs as they are released.

Will you join us?

Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Charmain

Embedded Coaching

Improve your mental fitness to achieve your goals!

Law school is a marathon, not a sprint! You need to be mentally tough - but that doesn't mean you need to be miserable.

We've partnered with Positive Intelligence, a coaching program developed by Shirzad Charmain of Stanford University so that participants in the LawStudents.Solutions program will have access to the PQ App for no additional charge (Value USD$997!)

Improve your mental fitness

Beat Procrastination

Stop beating yourself up

Stay Calm

Retain more information

Achieve your goals

Awards & Recognition

Our founder and lead coach, Cathryn Nolan, has received much recognition for her teaching, mentoring and coaching of law students.

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