What is LawStudent.Solutions?

An online program designed to help Australian Law students get the most out of law school

Welcome to LawStudent.Solutions!

Developed by a lawyer with more than 30 years experience who is also an award winning law lecturer, LawStudent.Solutions is a passion project designed to fill the gaps between what you learn at law school and what you need to succeed at law school.

Subscribers will discover resources, tactics and strategies to work smarter, not harder.

Whether you're looking for study skills, hints, tips and hacks to ensure that you get the most out of every hour you spend studying - or to reduce the amount of time it takes to get through the work - we have resources for you.

LawStudent.Solutions is not a tutoring service. We will not review assessments or provide direct assistance with assignment tasks. Instead, we offer online, group and 1:1 coaching services designed to help you get the most out of your law school experience, and to be able to develop the skills you need - both personally and in terms of specific skills required to be good at law school - to thrive both at law school and beyond.

The Solutions

We're building solutions and resources for law students. Currently our Mental Fitness of Law Students Solution provides subscribers with access to all the other solutions that we're building - along with the opportunity to help shape our priorities.

Study Solutions for Australian Law Students

We're building this now: Research, problem solving and legal writing resources

Tech Stack - Law students edition

Coming Soon:

Navigate the tech you need for best outcomes

Brought to you by Pracademy

Founded by Cathryn Nolan, an award winning Law Lecturer, Pracademy's values are bringing practical skills based in academic rigour. Accordingly, the solutions we offer are aimed at practical outcomes - achieved because they are grounded in research and science.


Skills for effective study - including preparing for classes, consolidating your notes, effective exam techniques, working through the reading and more.

Australian focused - a curated collection of study skills resources that focus on research skills, reading and working with cases and legislation, and legal writing have been developed for Australian law students looking to work in Australian legal practice.

Effective time management and organisation skills - ensuring that you get organised and stay motivated throughout the semester

Build your Mental Fitness - move beyond resilience and mindfulness and deploy sustainable actionable strategies to be your best self through your law degree and beyond.


Grounded in extensive research - our Mental Fitness Program draws on research from disciplines including neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive behaviour science and performance science.

Proven outcomes - Cathryn Nolan has been working with graduates and students for more than 30 years

Learn to love learning, improve your creativity and problem solving abilities, and bring your best self into the study and practice of law.

Research based: we're not guessing what you need and want, our resources are co-created with students, graduates and industry.

What previous students and coaching clients have to say

We're still under development, so until we've had some pre-launch participants we're including things that former students and clients have said about our teaching and coaching

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